New Year, New Brands

Update for the week of January 10, 2022

NAL Lighting Group brings an entirely new universe of lighting solutions to Archetype’s line card.

Virginia-based lighting collective NAL Lighting Group manufacturers two in-house brands and partners with innovative manufacturers from the world over to bring a curated selection of exceptional products to the United States market.

CDS Lighting

With its plethora of quality interior and exterior fixtures, CDS offers something to fit virtually every style, budget and setting. Though we tend to focus on the more contemporary fixtures, CDS offers a broad range of more traditional-looking home lighting as well, and they’re absolute pros when it comes to custom design. They even offer JA8-certified wall lighting!

Decorative Lighting

Above all else, CDS Lighting delivers a wide variety of exceptionally designed, well-made decorative fixtures at reasonable price points. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Heaven: durable and beautifully crafted, Heaven’s contemporary aesthetic elevates the spaces it occupies. View product specifications.
Toob P4: This versatile fixture is made of metal with a flexible 360° light-emitting LED tube. View product specifications & options.
Prunus: They’re cherries, people. Prunus is fun and contemporary, and it makes us smile. Decadence with a healthy dose of whimsy! View product specifications & options.
Olympia: Equal parts retro and contemporary, this stylish glass pendant delivers elegance and class anywhere it lands. Available in seven colors. View product specifications & options.
Snitch: Fit for seekers (get it!?) of style and class, these sparkly orbs bring magic, wonder and class to just about any space. Available in a variety of finishes (including custom). View product specifications & options.
Pineapple: Though evidently inspired by tropical fruit, these pendants easily pass for pinecones or hops. If you’re designing a taproom, this one’s for you. View product specifications & options.
Espinoza: Espinoza is basically an upside-down Pixar lamp. What could be more fun than that? Available in four colors.
View product specifications & options.
Nordic: This streamlined beauty is so chic it almost hurts! It’s modern; it’s polished; it’s perfect.
View product specifications & options.

Exterior Lighting

CDS also offers beautifully designed outdoor chandeliers, wall lighting, post lamps and pendants. Here are a few of our favorite exterior luminaires:

Watercrest: This exterior wall sconce is both beautiful and durable–and it comes in three sizes.
View product specifications & options.
Jonah Chandelier: part of a full collection of chandeliers and wall sconces equally suited for interior and exterior applications. See the Jonah Collection.
Sesimba: This collection includes exterior wall sconces in several sizes and a matching pole-mounted luminaire. See the Sesimba Collection.

There is so much to this line. See our CDS brand page for even more standout offerings from this stellar new brand.

Lighting Elements

NAL’s Lighting Elements label delivers budget-friendly, ultra-functional, elegantly simple lighting solutions perfectly suited for commercial interiors, corporate environments, retail establishments and more. Rife with versatile, modular, dual-purpose and feature-rich options, this line will impress you with its continued commitment to producing innovative products at reasonable price points.

Acoustic Lighting

Lighting Elements’ acoustic collection is comprised of a wide variety of fixtures equipped sound-absorbing, PET fabric. These luminaires are proven performers–and Lighting Elements publishes NRC ratings to show it.

With its ample size, shape and color available this collection is fun and functional. Further, these acoustic fixtures are an environmentally conscious option. Their sound-absorbing PET is made from recycled plastic, and both the PET and fixture housing are fully recyclable.

Here are a few favorites:

Buco (Acoustic):
Round aluminum fixture with LED-illuminated, sound-absorbing inner surface. Multiple finish and felt colors available. Both the pendant and surface-mounted versions come in four sizes.
Specifications & options.
Acoustic Information.
Download IES files.
Concord: This linear acoustic system can be configured in segments or long continuous runs. Direct, indirect and dual-source illumination. Available in three height options and various felt colors.
Specifications & options.
Acoustic Information.
Andromeda (Acoustic): This versatile ring light comes in a variety of finishes and 10 sizes. Surface-mount version available. The acoustic version features a PET panel that comes in multiple colors. Specifications & options.
Acoustic Information.
Download IES files.

And these are just a few examples! With dozens of additional acoustic offerings and a variety of color, shape and mounting options, the possibilities are endless. Visit our Lighting Elements brand page to see a few more of our favorites, or browse the full collection here.

Architectural Lighting

The Lighting Elements line is teeming with practical, feature-rich architectural lighting at reasonable price points. Here are a few examples:

Solis: a family of anodized aluminum linear luminaires with clean lines and an effortlessly stylish aesthetic. Solis fixtures feature customizable outputs and a remote power option. They can be pendant or surface mounted. Available in multiple profiles and sizes. See the full collection.

The Aten fixture shown here comes in two profile sizes, various lengths and multiple light distribution options.

Magnetic Track System: With multiple corner and mounting options and more than a dozen magnetic track head types, this aluminum-bodied system allows endless creative configurations.
Available in black and white. The SPOT Series Cylinder track head shown above comes in two sizes with three beam angles, rotates 360° and features an anti-glare cover. Other magnetic track head options include the invisible source Dot Series, the Global Series glass globe and three types of pendants.
See the full system.
Download IES files.
Aquila: These energy-efficient T-grid lights deliver powerful illumination with minimal glare. Their innovative hanging structure allows continuous linking to create unique, visually appealing patterns and configurations. Aquila is low maintenance, easy to install, and well-suited for both retrofits and new construction. It’s a highly effective lighting solution that provides even light distribution ideal for commercial, office, retail and education applications. And did we mention they’re available for quick ship!?
View options & specifications.
Download IES files.
Attolo VPSW: Ideal for pendant, surface and wall-mount applications, this linear fixture creates the illusion of precise direct/indirect lighting floating freely in the air. Delivers up to 1,300 lumens per foot with 90+CRI. Options & specifications.
Lilith: This LED downlight allows quick and easy installation in both remodel and new construction applications. IC Airtight. Choose square or round. Comes in black, white and brown. Options & specifications.
Meteor: a linear LED pendant with 360° light distribution. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Three lengths available. Finish options: white, black, brushed nickel. Options & specifications.

Some Favorites from NAL Lighting’s Partner Brands

NAL offers a host of additional lighting innovations through its partnerships with a diverse array of international brands. Here are a few of our favorite NAL Lighting partner brand products:

LuxTube: A Creator’s Dream

The LuxTube system features flexible LED tubes that retain their shape. They are highly durable, making them a great tool to use to illuminate both interior and exterior environments. The tubes come in different profile sizes and are available in eight different colors. Also comes in a square profile.

For the ultimate animated color-changing lighting solution, order with DMX-controlled RGB. A tunable white version is available, making this an excellent tool for humancentric, circadian rhythm lighting.

With so many options, the applications are endless. LuxTube can be used to create individual decorative luminaires. Its architectural applications are endless. It can even be used to light signage.

Explore the possibilities.
View options & specifications.


This customizable LED fixture comes in three standard shapes, but can be customized to create fixtures in virtually any shape you can imagine. With its thermoelastic membrane, Luna evenly delivers diffused lighting. An optional Barrisol Nanoperf membrane can be added for sound absorption.

With its thermoelastic membrane, Luna evenly delivers diffused lighting. An optional Barrisol Nanoperf membrane can be added for sound absorption.

Luna comes in multiple standard sizes and can be surface mounted or mounted as a pendant. Tunable white options either Dynawhite or Circadian Rhythm.

Explore applications, product info and more. View spec sheet.

Exporlux Magic SU Ring:
These cork-covered circular profiles bring light, flair and improved acoustics to a wide variety of environments. Can be suspended or surface mounted. Multiple finishes and sizes available.
Options & specifications.
Browse the Magic SU Collection.
Esse-CI Ben: This ultra-versatile, easy-install spun aluminum fixture is suited for surface mount, suspended or recessed applications. Low-glare, broad beam distribution and wet application versions available. Choose square or round. Comes in multiple sizes and finishes.
Options & specifications.
Download IES Files.
Orbit Brands Noddle: This iF Design Award winner is a sleek alternative to a monopoint. Features include a patented magnetic rotation mechanism. Its trimless, semi-recessed housing makes it ideal for plaster or drywall ceilings. Choose from two exterior plus multiple interior finish colors.
Options & specifications.

Other partner brand offerings include track lighting, recessed options, decorative lighting and exterior options. Visit our NAL Lighting brand page to see a few more of our favorites from NAL’s partners.

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