See You In NYC!

Update for the week of February 23, 2023

LEDucation is almost here! The conference takes place March 7th & 8th at the New York Hilton Midtown. Let us help you make the most of it.

Last we checked, there are more than 380 lighting and controls brands exhibiting at this year’s show. That’s a lot! If you’re traveling to Midtown Manhattan for LEDucation and you’re not sure how to budget your time at the conference, we completely get it. And we’re here to help!

Archetype Lighting is a San Francisco-based manufacturers representative that really does work with a curated selection of brands. If we represent it, it’s extraordinary and worth your time. That’s our promise.

SO, if you’re headed to LEDucation, we definitely recommend that you prioritize visiting the exhibitors below, regardless of the territory where you operate.

Please note that Archetype serves Northern California and Hawaii. If you’re a trade professional who operates in either (or both) of these territories, we’re here to help you bring these brands to your ongoing and future design and construction projects. Contact us:

In the list below, we’ve denoted the LEDucation booth where you’ll find each exhibiting brand, and we’ve denoted the specific territory where we represent each one. Check it out!

Academy Light *

6004 Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI


2921 Northern CA



Northern CA, HI


2217, 2219 Northern CA



Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI

Boyd Lighting


Northern CA



Northern CA

GENLED Acolyte


Northern CA, HI

Hunza & LuxR


Northern CA, HI

IM Design Concepts **


Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI



Northern CA

LED Linear

120, 122

Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI



Northern CA



Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI


6100, 6102

Northern CA

MODA Light

313, 315

Northern CA

No. 8 Lighting

2011, 2013

Northern CA, HI



Northern CA, HI

Orbit Brands ***


Northern CA

Promotech ****


Northern CA, HI

Spot on Lighting


Northern CA

Two Parts


Northern CA

Universal Fiber Optic


Northern CA



Northern CA

* Academy Light: Beautiful art lighting. A trusted name in picture lights. Archetype’s represents Academy Light through our partnership with Lighting Group Network, and we’re your contact for all Northern California & Hawaii Academy Light inquiries.

** IM Design Concepts (IMDC): IMDC brings major European decorative brands like B.lux, CTO & Innermost to the Northern American market. Archetype Lighting represents IMDC’s trade interests in Northern California or Hawaii. If you see something you love at the IMDC booth and you operate in either of those territories, we’re your contact!

*** Orbit Brands: We represent Orbit through our partnership with NAL. A universe of light unto its own, Orbit partners with international designers to bring innovative solutions to the international design community, and they’re responsible for several products that have won major international design awards. If you operate in Northern California and you see something you love at the Orbit booth, contact Archetype.

**** Promotech: An Italian “lighting atelier” that makes incredible, ultra-compact linear LED lighting that you can cut on site. You definitely need to see this one. We represent Promotech through our partnership with Lighting Group Network, and we’re your contact for all Northern California & Hawaii Promotech inquiries.

And we’ll be there, too!

That’s right! Archetype’s leadership will be flying to NYC to experience the magic. If you’re a trade professional from either Northern California or Hawaii, we absolutely want to say hello! Look for Amber and John while you’re at LEDucation, or, even better–message them on LinkedIn to arrange a time to meet up for a tour of the extraordinary brands that will be exhibiting at the tradeshow.

John Ovalle, Principal

Amber Hohman, Principal

Wait . . . What’s LEDucation??

LEDucation is a multi-day, annual solid-state lighting tradeshow hosted by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York. While registration costs money, it’s really affordable, and LEDucation is a non-profit event. Proceeds go toward grants, scholarships and other programs that advance the lighting industry. Learn More.

Our brands and our specifiers both love this tradeshow, and so do we! Trade professionals travel from all over the United States to attend, and our Northern California and Hawaii specifiers frequently tell us it’s worth the trip to NYC.

Though the show is definitely more focused on architectural lighting, you’ll find some incredible decorative brands on display there as well. IM Design Concepts, for example, will be there representing several big names in decorative lighting–and we have it on good authority that Boyd Lighting will be revealing an entirely new decorative collection at the show. The variety of exhibitors is part of what makes this show so worthwhile. Whether you’re an interior designer, a landscape architect or a lighting engineer, you’re going to find loads of things you love.

If you haven’t registered yet, but love lighting and want to make the trip out to Manhattan March 7-8, you can register for LEDucation here. Pro tip: You save a bit if you register in advance.

Planning a future trip to the big apple?

Maybe you’re not going to make it out to NYC for LEDucation this year, but who doesn’t love traveling to the Big Apple? If you’re a Northern California or Hawaii design professional, and you have a future vacation or business trip to NYC on the books, consider budgeting some time to visit some truly extraordinary showrooms located in Manhattan. Use the links below to let us know when you’re going and where you’d like to visit.

Contardi | Soho

Schedule A Visit

Viabizzuno | Midtown

Schedule A Visit


Schedule A Visit

Lambert & Fils | Tribeca

Schedule A Visit