A Little Light Goes a Long Way

Update for the week of July 22, 2021

Discrete tools to illuminate outdoor environments.

These compact, energy-efficient products deliver unforgettable exterior ambiance.


Use LuxR’s compact, energy-efficient Micro Range luminaires to light steps, pathways and landscaping. Products shown are available in both stainless steel and copper.

Micro Spikes

LuxR’s Micro Spikes are a great way to illuminate landscape features. The sleekly discrete Diamond 360° is perfect for uplighting key landscape features. The 300mm Glare Guard gives off a natural glow.

Diamond 360°: The sleekly discrete Diamond 360° spike runs on just one watt, giving off an impressive 70 lumens. View product specifications.

300mm Glare Guard: Use the 300mm Micro Spike Glare Guard to bring a natural glow to key landscape elements. View product specifications.

Micro Darklighter

The Micro Darklighter dimmable washer is perfect for cross-lighting pathways, uplighting walls and marking boundaries.

View product specifications.


These compact offerings from Viabizzuno add drama and romance to any outdoor space.


This discrete fitting is cute as a button. Ideal for recessed applications in ceilings or floors, optics available. Sanded polymethyl methacrylate option available.

View product specifications.


Reminiscent of dancing fireflies, these carbon-fiber rods dance in the breeze with glowing elegance. Use to bring whimsy and ethereal ambiance to exterior environments.

View product specifications.


Stylish yet practical, these space-saving outdoor marker lights from B-Light combine function and fashion.

Button SQ Do

This recessed square marker light can act as an illuminated tile. Perfect for flanking driveways, pathways and plazas. Available in three sizes.

View product specifications.
See round option here.

Inserto Medium Do

Don’t let Inserto’s streamlined elegance fool you. With a drive-over capacity of two tons, this linear marker is tough. Its flush tempered glass allows a seamless installation, making Inserto perfect for lighting areas subject to foot or vehicle traffic. Comes in static white homogeneous and RGB. View product specifications.

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