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Good things come in small packages

See What’s New From MODA LIGHT MODA LIGHT has asserted a global presence through many architectural and commercial developments, innovating and developing their very own proprietary technology to cater to customers’ needs. Pioneering lighting and electrical technology combined with computer science, MODA is an award winning company that continuously experiences clean growth due to the […]

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“Darkness does not exist really, darkness it is only the light we do not see” Bringing a renowned, refined European approach to architectural lighting, we’re delighted to introduce Jokerlight – the newest addition to our Archetype family. Since 1984, Jokerlight’s focus has been creating beautiful, cutting-edge products, with care for details. Contact us for a […]

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Here Comes Arancia

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs We’re excited to announce the addition of Arancia Lighting to our line! This architectural, decorative brand offers endless functionalities, allowing for playfulness in spaces and design. Driven by innovation and creativity, Arancia designs and manufactures efficient […]

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