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Bright, Beautiful, Luminous and Lively

Decorate This and Every Season with Ornamental Light Make merry and adorn your next project with elite and extraordinary lighting from around the world. Spread cheer any time of the year by specifying uniquely wondrous and resplendent pendant luminaires. Yule be impressed by what our brands have to offer. Rollover (tap on mobile) each luminaire to […]

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Luminesce with the Best from Lumentruss

Round Out Room Designs with Serzo 8700 Series Rings Ideal for illuminating large, open spaces in offices, schools, retail environments and elsewhere, Lumentruss’ Serzo 8700 Series luminaires provide omnidirectional 360˚ lighting. Customize both the look and the distribution of the luminaire with the addition of an offset acrylic diffuser or a steel reflector faceplate. Available […]

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