Tivoli’s New brightness levels for Litesphere & Covelum DM Color Options

Update for the week of September 23, 2017

Tivoli – First to offer specification grade strand light

NEW for Litesphere
Very High Output (VHO)

It’s time to see things in a new light

VHO (Very High Output) – Tivoli’s newest addition to its Litesphere line

23X Times Brighter & 91 Lumens per/ft

– 23X Brighter than our standard output (91lpf)
– Thermal plastic base for optimal heat dissapation
– Nichia SMD LEDs
– 12V DC – Low Voltage Safe
– Shatterproof
– UV stabilized Polycarbonate globe

– IP65 rating
– 12 Different colored and finished globes available
     Clear                   Flare                  Frosted                  Saber

4 Different Globe styles “lighting effects” to choose from

Multiple O.C. Spacing
Delivering the best possible options for your projects

Tested @ 3000K with clear globe
*Max run lengths above are stated with only 10% lumens drop.  30% lumens drop is the industry recognized standard for where the majority of people can perceive a differential in light output.   Lumens drop occurs when voltage naturally drops over longer run lengths.
Learn More – Litesphere Product Page

NEW To Covelum DM
Designer Whites & ColorMIX
“Does things LED Tape just can’t do”

Horizontally Bendable
Unlike tape light – Covelum can bend horizontally up to 90 degrees
LED boards can rotate 180 degrees with each replaceable modules.
Different LED spacing and custom options available

180 Degree Rotation

LED boards can be rotated 180 degrees with each module replaceable

LED Spacing…No problem!
Multiple LED spacing and custom options available

Field Cuttable
Flexible field cuttable between modules

No Control System Needed

Offering a variety of Nichia SMD static color LEDs to achieve the color your project deserves without a control system
Learn More – Covelum DM Color MIX Product Page