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Update for the week of August 30, 2021

Tools for healthy, serene work environments.

Welcome the workforce back to spaces where employers and their staff can feel safe, confident and free to focus.

Safe, Clean Spaces

Welcome to the new normal! As workers continue to shift back to office spaces, COVID safety is still top of mind. These lighting solutions and furnishings are great options for creating and maintaining work environments that are hygienic, adaptable enough to accommodate changing social distancing needs, and ultimately better-equipped to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Keep It Clean With Wipeable Shades

The pandemic has left us all hyper-aware of the importance of cleanliness–especially in shared environments. Deep cleaning and surface disinfection are a long-term reality for employers keeping facilities open to staff. When choosing lamps that will be positioned within reach of employees and their work spaces, steer clear of options with porous, uncoated surfaces to avoid complications when it’s time to disinfect.

Stafford by Innermost is a contemporary collection of wipeable shades treated with an antibacterial, mold-resistant coating. Perfect for wall, table and floor lamps situated near desks and work stations. The material also makes an excellent wall covering and can be supplied in a roll.

Social Distance In Style!

Partitions and dividers come in handy when work stations need to be reconfigured in response to evolving social distancing policies. Why settle for a plain plexiglass barrier when you can integrate protection into any of these stylish dividers? Each of the below screens can be ordered with an optional plexiglass add-on, making them perfect tools for creating and maintaining workplaces that are flexible, adaptable and safe to share.

Groove by LZF Lamps

The Groove screen, with its chic mid-century aesthetic, brings a sense of motion to the spaces it occupies. Add an optional transparent methacrylate sheet to use this floor-standing divider as a tool for separating and shielding work stations. Shown here in a natural cherry wood finish, Groove also comes in brightly colored red and orange finishes for a more playful look.

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Paisley by LZF Lamps

This screen is a great tool for creating a soothing ambiance. Light shining through Paisley’s delicate, flowing pattern dapples beautiful swirling shadows throughout the room. An optional plexiglass sheet can be affixed to this partition, making it a stylish, warm alternative to plain plexiglass barriers. Paisley is available in a variety of subtle, yet colorful finishes. See additional images here.

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Wave by Graypants

These sculptural panels from Graypants are highly customizable. They come in a variety of sizes. Add optional plexiglass to use this as a COVID safety barrier. Made using recycled cardboard, Wave panels have the added benefit of possessing inherent sound-absorbing qualities. Contact us for additional specifications and product options.


Fight Back With Germicidal Lighting

Want to go the extra mile to keep COVID-19, influenza and other illnesses from spreading in the workplace? ETI Solid State Lighting‘s CleanAire and SilentAire products use germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) light to actually fight COVID-19 and other infectious pathogens. Learn more about GUV.

The SilentAire line includes a range of architectural fixtures ideal for illuminating and protecting shared work environments. Each is equipped with an ultra-quiet air circulation system that kills pathogens. Air is disinfected in a sealed UVC chamber, keeping those occupying the space protected from direct UVC exposure. The system is 100% safe for people and pets.

SilentAire UVC Round High Bay
The SilentAire UVC Round High Bay, shown here with optional opaque prismatic reflector, gives off traditional LED illumination while treating air with its people-safe internal germicidal UVC system. View product specifications.

SilentAire UVC 6″ Round Downlight
This direct-mount, canless downlight with remote J-box illuminates spaces with traditional LED lighting while it disinfects the air. Installation and maintenance are simple–no specialized training, controls or safety measures are needed. View product specifications.

Peace & Quiet

For most, the past year-and-a-half has been a time of constant churn. With much of the workforce returning to the office on a hybrid schedule, it helps to have a distraction-free, calm office environment where getting back into the swing of things is no chore at all. Incorporate sound-absorbing acoustic elements to deliver calm, productive, environments that let workers focus on doing their best work.

Acoustic Features

These stylishly modern acoustic elements serve a dual purpose, accounting for lighting needs while they absorb sound.

Split by Arancia

This standalone hanging LED fixture can be used to provide either direct or indirect light. Its felted exterior is perfect for absorbing sound in spaces with open floor plans or high ceilings. Available in different lengths, colors, finishes and sizes.

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Geometric Sound-Absorbing Suspension Luminaires

These modern, minimalist geometric felt panels have excellent acoustic properties. Each features an acrylic ring of light that helps illuminate office environments. Available in a variety of sizes and colors that can be mixed and matched for added interest.

Prop Ceiling System by Graypants

These perforated steel panels can be configured into patterned ceiling systems that are as functional as they are attractive. Panels can be outfitted with either an LED lighting insert or a sound-absorbing foam insert.

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LED panels are configured with a dimmable LED insert that can synched with daylight sensors.

Prop systems are compatible with fire protection needs. The triangular opening at the center of each panel is perfectly sized to fit most sprinkler heads.

Harrogate Shades by Innermost

These shades are covered in a luxuriously thick quilted material with impressive sound-absorbing qualities. To maximize acoustic absorbency, combine them with Innermost’s Drop LED fitting. The shade is available in a variety of different sizes and shapes and the Harrogate material comes in a range of rich colors and textures.

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