eris suspended pendant lamps by LZF

The Latest Luminous Allure from LZF

Update for the week of January 23, 2021

New Sensations. What Catches Your Eye?

Known for the remarkably beautiful wood veneers, hand-craftsmanship and glowing, sculptural forms, LZF has recently introduced several new luminaires (and a light-reflecting, sound-dampening solution!) one of which just may be ideal for your next commercial office, hospitality, retail or residential design project.

And watch this space. In March, we’ll host a Light Matters webinar featuring a virtual tour of LZF’s showroom in Valencia, Spain.

lzf dune suspended luminaire lampp
DUNE is a sculptural light whose shape is intriguingly amorphous. Designed by Madrid-based Mayice Studio, Dune is a single piece of hand-blown borosilicate glass enveloping a wood veneer diffuser with a seedpod-like opening on one side. Dune’s distinctive shape is made up of two symmetrical ends and an irregular, bulb-shaped center. The diffuser houses the lamp’s dimmable LED light source and downward light from the opening is softened by the glass. Each Dune lamp is unique and the beauty found in the imperfection of the glass ensures Dune is a work of art.

lzf oh! lline suspended ring luminaire lamp

OH!LINE designed by Marivi Calvo & Burkhard Dämmer is available in two sizes: medium and large suspension. With its slim form, wood veneer, dimmable LED and light-filtering diffuser, Oh!Line radiates warmth and elegance. Light from the ring-shaped Oh!Line provides a relaxed ambience and a focused glow.

lzf eris suspended luminaire lamp

ERIS has an abstract and ethereal beauty similar to the planet of the same name. Designed by Mayice Studio, Eris is made up of several components: a hand-blown borosilicate glass orb, a wood veneer tube that contains the LED light source and a metallic base. Available as both a table lamp and a suspension lamp, Eris is simply sublime. 

lzf suspended luminaire lamp

SUNS is a celestial-like decorative, non-illuminating panel that acts to diffuse light and break sound. Designed by Tokyo & Valencia-based Mikiya Kobayashi, Suns is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. In Suns we find a handmade, circular wood veneer panel that is characterized by a quiet and respectful beauty. Designed to hang at an angle, Suns is most impressive and effective when multiples are grouped in a cluster formation.

lzf i-line suspended luminaire lamp

I-LINE is a smooth and sleek lamp with a clean architectural line. Designed by Burkhard Dämmer, I-Line is available in two sizes: medium and large suspension. I-Line’s unfussy design is perfect in spaces that call for a practical, yet elegant luminaire. I-Line’s wood veneer, dimmable LED and light-filtering diffuser provide both direct and ambient light. In I-Line, Dämmer has created a lamp that is simple, symmetrical and serene.

lzf maruja suspended luminaire lamp

MARUJA is an a flat-pack, self-assembly pendant designed by the Gazpacho Studio. A contemporary lamp, Maruja’s design is simultaneously unfussy and decorative. Packaged with all the components needed to assemble the lamp — wood veneer strips, a circular frame and pins  — Maruja is easily constructed without the need for any tools or adhesives. The wood veneer strips hang and move freely and, when illuminated, Maruja sparkles with life.

Impressed by these few standouts? Keep your exploration going and see all the new LZF luminaires as well as the brand’s full collection.