LumenTruss’ Wood Series is Eco-Friendly

Update for the week of July 4, 2017

On this project, The Five Fisherman restaurant in Nova-Scotia, we chose the Silo model of our Wood Series lights for general illumination.

In conjunction with their agent Next Marketing & Sales, they created a cool lighting scheme having the lights suspended at different heights and illuminating with a warm 3000 Kelvin led light engine.


Although the wood series light can come in any length from 12 to 144 inches, for this space, a 48 inch fixture was deemed the best size to keep warm and friendly atmosphere of this Halifax business.


LumenTruss offers a variety of wood and aluminum profiles to house various tape platforms depending on your lighting needs. The wood series includes 5 different styles that can even be stained in the field to further add that signature style to your next project.







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