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Update for the week of March 4, 2019

Spark Joy All Around the Office
with Elite and Extraordinary Lighting
from All Around the World

Above lobbies. Down hallways. Across open spaces. Over conference tables. At each desk. For every place inside today’s modern office, Archetype offers architectural, decorative and specialty lighting products well-suited to look beautiful, illuminate brilliantly and help keep staff productive and comfortable. From unique linear luminaires and showcase decorative pendants to versatile downlights and sound-absorbing fixtures and ceiling systems, we can help you choose the best lighting solutions for your next commercial office or tenant improvement project.

Review each of our specially curated recommendations below and access product information…

Archetype Office LightingArchetype Moda Light Mini Cove productArchetype Moda Light Mini Cove applicationArchetype Vibia Halo productArchetype Vibia Halo applicationArchetype Kreon Mamacloud productArchetype Kreon Mamacloud applicationArchetype Graypants Scraplights productArchetype Graypants Scraplights applicationArchetype Bover Beddy productArchetype Bover Beddy applicationArchetype Lumentruss Task Light productArchetype Lumentruss Task Light applicationArchetype Kreon Cana productArchetype Kreon Cana applicationArchetype Kreon Nuit productArchetype Kreon Nuit applicationArchetype Blux Marc Dos productArchetype Blux Marc Dos applicationArchetype Backlight Ultra-Thin Light Panels productArchetype Backlight Ultra-Thin Light Panels applicationArchetype LuxxBox Matrix productArchetype LuxxBox Matrix applicationArchetype Zaniboni Lighting Luna Bongo productArchetype Zaniboni Lighting Luna Bongo applicationArchetype Graypants Prop Ceiling System productArchetype Graypants Prop Ceiling System applicationArchetype Barrisol Acoustic Stretch Ceiling productArchetype Barrisol Acoustic Ceiling application

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