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Introduced at Light+Building, the new Luna 1S & Luna 1S & Luna 2S complete Zaniboni’s Extreme Environments series of marine-grade Stainless Steel downlights, now available from 80lm up to 2000lm. These fixtures are ideal for any extreme environment application including oceanfront properties and indoor swimming pool areas.
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Rotating Bongo 2J from Zaniboni

360º Adjustable Bongo 2J

All recent breakthroughs have been incorporated into the new Bongo 2J, with its latest feature being that it is completely adjustable. The new Bongo 2J adjusts from vertical to 90º and has a complete 360º rotation. Despite this amazing flexibility, there is no visible hardware. This allows the product to adapt to any possible environment requirement, while keeping with that minimal, classy look Zaniboni has built its legacy on.

Strata- New Bath Bars and Wall Sconces from Ultralights

Call for sample chips 520-623-9829!
Featured:  Strata 18392  in 24″ / 36″ / 48″ dia


High performance is what these bath bars and wall sconces are all about.
Decorative, dual circuit LED bath bars designed with hospitals in mind.
UL Listed / ADA / Integrated LED / Made in USA


STRATA 18393-14

14″h x 7.5″w x 2.25″d
04: Damp/Dry LED – 28.6W
(Dim w/ 0-10V dim system)
4490 Lumens

Shown in: Smokey Brass


STRATA 18393-24

24″h x 7.5″w x 2.25″d
04: Damp/Dry Loc LED – 37.7W
(Dim w/ 0-10V dim system)
5919 Lumens

Shown in: Chestnut


STRATA 18392-24

5.5″h x 24″w x 2.25″d
04: Damp/Dry LED – 57.2W Dual Circuit (Dim w/ 0-10V dim system) – 8980 Lumens

Shown in: Satin Pewter


STRATA 18392-36

5.5″h x 36″w x 2.25″d
04: Damp/Dry LED – 66.4W Dual Circuit (Dim w/ 0-10V dim system) – 10,425 Lumens

Shown in: Chrome


STRATA 18392-48

5.5″h x 48″w x 2.25″d
04: Damp/Dry LED – 75.4W Dual Circuit (Dim w/ 0-10V dim system) – 11,838 Lumens

Shown in: Black Pearl


Serzo – A Winning Proposition!

The 8700 extrusion (SERZO), is our exclusive ring luminaire system. The SERZO projects light laterally through an opal lens for an even, dot-free lighting. SERZO can be suspended horizontally, vertically, or mounted on a surface, and is available in multiple finishes and even custom colors.



– Available in three fixed diameters — 36 in, 54 in and 72 in.
– Dot-free light appearance.
– Omnidirectional lighting at 360°, great for wide open spaces.
– Application guides: 10-8-8-10mm, 36mm total.
– Made of ALCOA 6063-T5 aluminum alloy increasing heat dissipation.

Learn More
Serzo image gallery

Mid-Century Totem in a San Francisco Victorian

The Totem Pendant is not just for mid-century interiors. How about a Totem Linear Pendant in a San Francisco Victorian’s dining room?

Shown with a Coal fixture and 22k yellow gold leafing on the inside, the Totem Linear Pendant is casual yet dressy. Carved molding and beautiful hardwood floors are paired with modern art and a simple table.

Have a longer table? Lengthen the canopy and add more stems (3 or 5 stems standard). Tall ceiling? Increase the HOA by adding more cast forms to each stem (3, 5 and 7 standard).












Did we mention the fixture is versatile? Select a single-stem pendant, or a multi-stem version with either a linear canopy (shown above) or a round canopy. Choose your desired number of stems (3 or 5) and your desired number of cast forms on each stem (3, 5 or 7). You can also specify the cast form shapes you want – all ovals, all trapezoids, or a mix of both.

Are you confused? Download the tear sheets.

If you must layer on the mid-century modern, we won’t fault you. In fact, we love what Boyd Lighting CEO, Jay Sweet, did in his Palm Springs, CA condo. The Totem Linear Pendant in Cloud fits right in.

TivoTimes Feb 2018 – ADAPT


Litesphere ADAPT
24″OC  | Gina Globe  |  3000K VHO


Contact your local Rep, or Regional Sales Manager for information

What’s included in the designer kit?

(1) 12″OC Black or White Litesphere ADAPT strand with plug-in power pack

(2) One of each VHO module : 1900K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K

(3) Choice of 2 globes

Visit us at Litespace California for a chance to win an ADAPT system for your backyard!

Maximum 48 linear feet 24” OC spacing Litesphere VHO White LEDs and power supply.
Valid only for registrations at our booth during show hours.

VIBIA Mayfair Wins Good Design Award

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies has awarded the Mayfair lamp, design by Diego Fortunato, the 2017 GOOD DESIGN

Award just in time for the US and Canada launch of the collection by VIBIA.

Founded in Chicago in 1950, the GOOD DESIGN award is the most prestigious and well-known program for design superiority.

The MAYFAIR lamp collection was designed to improve the illumination of small spaces by integrating traditional elements with new technological advancements.

The transmission of historical legacy to the present day through timeless form sets this lamp apart. The reimagining of a more sophisticated time, Diego Fortunato has developed a lamp that attempts to summon something of the French Bouillotte table lamp.


New For 2018: Boyd

NEW FOR 2018
Say hello to new fixtures from Boyd Lighting: Elements and Totem.

One minimal and the other decorative, both are inherently Boyd, combining style and performance. Focusing on creative and beautiful designs, energy efficiency and the supremely flawless finishes you trust, Boyd’s engineers and craftspeople have come up with two unique options for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.


The Totem family reimagines designs from the 1950s and hearkens back to early American modernism. Featuring stacked, adjustable oval and trapezoid shapes, the nostalgic LED sconces and pendants are available in a variety of finish combinations and shape compositions. Perfect for large hospitality open spaces or in private residences.



Four LED in-wall fixtures make up the Element series, cleverly called Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The narrow, recessed mounted 3′ and 4′ nominal rectangular boxes each have a unique backplate which reflects the light in its own unique way. Illuminated from the sides by hidden LEDs, Elements is perfect for cooridors, beside vanity mirrors or anywhere that ambient light is needed.


New & Improved from Ultralights

Call for sample chips of the Cirrus liners 520-623-9829!
Featured:  Cirrus 17385-DI-SV  in 36″ / 44″ / 48″ dia


Gold (GD) & Silver (SV) handpainted finishes to be replaced by
New Brass (NB) & Satin Pewter (SP) powder coats
with an additional reflective White (WH) option.



Zaniboni’s Product Release – 1″ Mini QR


Zaniboni Lighting is delighted to introduce you to the MINI QR.

To deliver the quality and clean design of the MINI QR, we machine marine-grade stainless steel to a mirror finish, and carve the lens to a crisp, precise square that is encased completely flush within its square-on-square frame.

The light source is regressed and the glare is at the absolute minimum.

This beautiful fixture can be used as an uplight, step light, courtesy light or downlight. It is perfect for both dry and wet locations.

New project with our Serzo lighting

The Cinéma St-Hyacinthe has become the first VIP cinema at regular price in Quebec. For his redesign project, our lighting systems have been chosen!

In the entrance hall, 1300 Series, with DMX animation controller has been used to illuminate the Big central column. The lounge area, however, is illuminated by three suspended red Serzo.

Red 9400 Led Series was used above the counter.

In the washroom entrance, there is another suspended red Serzo.
The 2000 Series with the opal lens was used in the wall corners.

Photography : Hichem Belhadjouri

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6068 Boul. Metropolitain E Montreal H1S 1A9 – 514-448-1574

What everyone should learn from Handel Architects


Under the design leadership of Director of Interiors, Richard Felix-Ashman, Handel Architects explores all dimensions of the residential and hospitality experience. With large-scale, multi-unit residential projects as well as smaller scale hospitality projects across the country, their emphasis on quality of design and fabrication draws them repeatedly to Boyd Lighting.

Read why Handel Architects chooses Boyd for both residential and hospitality projects. 

“It is so important to support fabricators and artists that value material quality and detailed design: we feel it’s our remit as designers to provide this support.”
– Richard Felix-Ashman

STORYTELLING WITH BOYDIn Boston’s tallest residential tower, Handel Architects developed a story line based around the 1968 film “The Thomas Affair” to influence the interiors. In the Millennium Tower’s lounge, Boyd’s Abacus Table Lamps capture the era perfectly.

“Whether residential, hospitality, or commercial, the story is the foundation for the final experience, and each piece needs to support that vision,” said Felix-Ashman.


DESIGNING SAN FRANCISCO’S MOST EXPENSIVE HOME2712 Broadway sold for $40 million so material quality, fabrication and beautiful details were key. As such, Handel Architects chose a pair of Boyd’s Icicle Drop Sconces in Antiqued Boyd Brass for the mater bath.

“The Icicle Drop Sconce is such a unique design, and I felt that its architectural form was very striking viewed in perspective and in elevation,” said Felix-Ashman.

BECAUSE:“The bathroom is long and narrow, and each vanity mirror called for pairs of sconces that were slender, delicate, yet architecturally strong. I also love the regional story of Boyd.”READ MORE


Tivoli’s New brightness levels for Litesphere & Covelum DM Color Options

Tivoli – First to offer specification grade strand light

NEW for Litesphere
Very High Output (VHO)

It’s time to see things in a new light

VHO (Very High Output) – Tivoli’s newest addition to its Litesphere line

23X Times Brighter & 91 Lumens per/ft

– 23X Brighter than our standard output (91lpf)
– Thermal plastic base for optimal heat dissapation
– Nichia SMD LEDs
– 12V DC – Low Voltage Safe
– Shatterproof
– UV stabilized Polycarbonate globe

– IP65 rating
– 12 Different colored and finished globes available
     Clear                   Flare                  Frosted                  Saber

4 Different Globe styles “lighting effects” to choose from

Multiple O.C. Spacing
Delivering the best possible options for your projects

Tested @ 3000K with clear globe
*Max run lengths above are stated with only 10% lumens drop.  30% lumens drop is the industry recognized standard for where the majority of people can perceive a differential in light output.   Lumens drop occurs when voltage naturally drops over longer run lengths.
Learn More – Litesphere Product Page

NEW To Covelum DM
Designer Whites & ColorMIX
“Does things LED Tape just can’t do”

Horizontally Bendable
Unlike tape light – Covelum can bend horizontally up to 90 degrees
LED boards can rotate 180 degrees with each replaceable modules.
Different LED spacing and custom options available

180 Degree Rotation

LED boards can be rotated 180 degrees with each module replaceable

LED Spacing…No problem!
Multiple LED spacing and custom options available

Field Cuttable
Flexible field cuttable between modules

No Control System Needed

Offering a variety of Nichia SMD static color LEDs to achieve the color your project deserves without a control system
Learn More – Covelum DM Color MIX Product Page

Zaniboni Releases New 3Q Series Lineup

New Product Release: 3 square trimless series: Stella 3QJ and Stella 3QWJThe newly released Stella 3QJ incorporates all the great features of the Luna 3Q Series, with the addition of a true trimless installation with no flange nor reveal.

The Stella 3QJ includes:

40º Adjustability with no beam clipping

Highly regressed lens

2.1 mm (0.8”) regressed lens

Tooless hot aiming

Removable lens cover

Horizontal 360º adjustability

40º vertical adjustability

Tilting dial

Please visit zanibonilighting.com for more information.

Lumentruss Announces IN3 Project

The architect Jean Verville has combined minimalism with theatrics in this dwelling for a music composer, which features brass walls, raw concrete beams and an all-white bathroom sheathed in marble.

For this project, 9400 serie LED fixtures were used and suspended from the ceiling with thin cables, resulting in a floating effect. Throughout the apartment, Verville used light to enhance the dramatic character of the space.


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Got Pixelated Tape? – Tivoli can help you refresh and replace it.


August – 2017


TivoTape™ HD (High Density) 
Another first from Tivoli Lighting

  • 7W/ft
  • 72 LEDs/ft
  • 500 Lumens/ft.
  • CRI 94+
  • eXoShield (IP54)
  • 2 Macadam Ellipse Binning
  • 3oz Copper Trace
  • 1″ Cut Increments
  • 5 Year Warranty
HD TivoTape™ Static White Color Options
HD TivoTape™ Call Out Features
eXo Shield
Ultra-thin-polyurethane film seals the electronic component and circuitry with an IP54 standard
3oz. Copper Trace
HD TivoTape’s 3oz. copper trace allows for greater thermal management and longer life
1″ Cut Increments
HD TivoTape 1″ cutting increments with factory installed lead wires for desired length
High Color Rendering Index renders true-to-life color, making colors pop with 94+ CRI
Tivoli Power
Expanded line of power supplies 5W-96W, MLV, ELV and 0-10V dimming
Tight Binning
2-Step MacAdam Ellipse ensures greater color consistency
Taking orders now
Click HEREto “refresh and replace” for your introductory special pricing via email or call our Tivoli sales team for details
Visit HD’s TivoTape™ product page and view the latest specialization on this product
HD TivoTape™ eliminates pixelation, providing even illumination acrossALL of our aluminum extrusions due to its high density of LEDs.
See below for our most popular extrusions or visit our site for our full line of profiles –Click Here
Surface mounted or suspended application.
Available Lens: Opal
Available Lengths: 6.5′Learn More >>
Surface mounted application.
Available Lens: Opal
Available Lengths: 6.5′Learn More >>
Recessed mounted application.
Available Lens: Opal
Available Lengths: 6.5′Learn More >>
Ideal for inside corner application.
Available Lens: Opal
Available Lengths: 6.5′Learn More >>
You’ve Got The Power!
Tivoli’s Eco EM Series Power Supplies
Electronic Low Voltage &
NEMA 3R Magnetic Low Voltage
• Switching electronic power supply
• Dimmable
• Constant Voltage
• Universal input voltage: 100-277V AC
• Single and multiple 12V or 24V DC outputs
• NEMA 3R Rain-tight enclosure for wet locations
•  cETLus Listed
• 5 year warranty

Learn More >>

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HD TivoTape DEFINE Series, Urban Extrusions & Eco EM Series Power SuppliesOur mailing address is:
15602 Mosher Ave. Tustin CA, 92780



Tivoli’s new TivoTape is here

High Density Tivotape is our latest advancement in tape light. When combined with the appropriate mounting channel and lens, it would eliminate the undesirable LED pixilation or hot spots.

Lighting designers, Architects and specifiers would find that pixilation is now a thing of the past!

  • 7W/ft
  • 72 LEDs/ft
  • 500 Lumens/ft.
  • CRI 94+
  • eXoShield (IP54)
  • 2 Macadam Ellipse Binning
  • 3oz Copper T


HD tape provides even illumination across most of our aluminum Extrusions.
Multiple Kelvin Temperature options and 1″ cutting increments help you find “The Right Light” solution to any linear tape project.

Learn more at Tivoli

Cerno releases their new product line “Via”

The Via is a versatile light that can be configured as a sconce or flush mount. The sconce is available with an integrated LED or candelabra E12 sockets. The flush mount version is only available with the integrated LED lamping.

The Via is an ideal solution for designers and architects looking for a high quality and competitively priced fixture. The clean minimal design makes this luminaire well suited for hospitality and residential environments.



New Product: Via
Fixture Type: Sconce or Flush Mount
Lamping: Integrated LED or 2 Candelabra E12 Sockets

(Flush Mount is only available with the integrated LED)

Availability: Available now
List Price (Flush Mount): Integrated LED: $325 list
List Price Range (Sconce): Integrated LED: $325 list     Candelabra E12 Sockets: $295 list

LumenTruss’ Wood Series is Eco-Friendly

On this project, The Five Fisherman restaurant in Nova-Scotia, we chose the Silo model of our Wood Series lights for general illumination.

In conjunction with their agent Next Marketing & Sales, they created a cool lighting scheme having the lights suspended at different heights and illuminating with a warm 3000 Kelvin led light engine.


Although the wood series light can come in any length from 12 to 144 inches, for this space, a 48 inch fixture was deemed the best size to keep warm and friendly atmosphere of this Halifax business.


LumenTruss offers a variety of wood and aluminum profiles to house various tape platforms depending on your lighting needs. The wood series includes 5 different styles that can even be stained in the field to further add that signature style to your next project.







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Boyd Releases Their Five Ideas for a Better Work Space

Good lighting at work improves employee satisfaction and leads to increased productivity. We all want comfortable surroundings in the place we spend most of our waking hours. Not only are these five lighting fixtures beautiful, they are also energy efficient. Good lighting at work improves employee satisfaction and leads to increased productivity. We all want comfortable surroundings in the place we spend most of our waking hours.

More Information at Boyd


LZF Addresses How Color Affects Us

In the first of two articles on color, we explore just some of the psychological aspects of color.
Our world is ablaze with color, found in nature and people, and in the sights, sounds and smells of day-to-day life. Colors provide the bedrock and building blocks of our emotions, and are part of numerous commonplace maxims when describing different emotional states: think about ‘seeing red’ (angry), ‘feeling blue’ (sad), and ‘in the pink’ (healthy). Both consciously and unconsciously, we associate colors with cultural experiences, personal idiosyncrasies, moods and feelings.
In those early schooldays, we are typically taught about the rules and foundations of color: how mixing equal amounts of the three primary colors—red, blue and yellow—will produce three secondary colors—orange, purple and green. We learn about warm colors, cold colors and color combinations (depicted on a color wheel).
As we grow and develop, we identify the colors we derive pleasure from and those we’d rather avoid. We begin to understand the many nuances of color and how color affects our emotions and mood. We recognize the perceived meaning of color in clothing: the authority of black, the steadfastness of brown, the discipline of blue and the power of red. We see the influence of colors in action: the red traffic light signal commanding us to ‘stop’; a green political movement; the ‘yellow (golden) arches’ of a certain fast food behemoth, seductive and shining.
  • Red is a physical and visceral color: one whose properties include strength and stimulation, fire and passion, energy and warmth. Too much red can appear bold, indeed overbearing. Red is the color we see first, and is used to convey caution and danger.
  • Blue is a strong and emotive color. Regarded as an intellectual color, blue tends to affect us mentally as opposed to physically. A serene and calming color, blue tones can stimulate thought and promote concentration.
  • Yellow is an emotional color that buoys mood and temperament; it is optimistic, outgoing, friendly and creative. A strong color, yellow should be used sparingly: too much yellow can give rise to fear and anxiety.
  • Green is a mix of blue (intellectual) and yellow (emotional), and represents balance. A restful color, green is easy on the eye, and promotes harmony and reassurance.
  • Pink is a color with positive virtues, from feeling rosy to reaching the pink of condition. While pink is often used to define femininity, it was once seen as a masculine color. More and more, pink is embraced as a neutral hue, and is associated with balance.
  • Grey is a neutral color (other neutrals include black and white). Often mistaken as detached and unemotional, grey provides a sense of calm, its presence solid and grounding. Grey promotes stability, and a warm grey can alleviate tension and anxiety.
With nine colored timber veneers, LZF has a keen understanding of the principles of color psychology and how color affects emotion. Honed over many years, this understanding guides LZF when choosing colors for its many lighting projects.